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Earn 10% of your TopUp in Rewards points

With Rewards on Pay as you go, you can collect 10% of the value of your TopUp in Rewards points. Collect and redeem your points for a handy accessory, high street voucher or even a new phone.

Here's how it works

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    Top up

    Every time you top up, we’ll send you a confirmation text. To claim your points, just reply using COLLECT and we’ll add them to your total. Don’t worry, the texts won’t cost you a penny.

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    As your points stack up, so do the possibilities. Extra data, TopUp credit, Amazon vouchers – even the latest smartphone. Once you have enough points, simply swap them for your reward of choice on My Vodafone.

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    Keep topping up, collecting points and enjoying more rewards.

Collect your points to get the reward you want

Just enter the mobile number you’ve topped up and the code we’ve sent you by text, then click ‘Collect points.’

Lost your code? Text LOST to 27822 (free).

Earn yourself extra points

Pocket more points by telling us what type of rewards you’d really like.

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